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Dedicated to the conservation of Brotogeris Parakeets

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These darling babies were raised together in 2006. Grey-cheeked and Orange-chinned parakeets. The baby on the far left is three weeks younger then the others. He was out of the brooder just long enough to take this photo.
The Grey-cheeked beak is bone color at hatching. In a short time it changes to a near black color and last approximately two months, at which time it gradually fades back to bone color.
The Orange-chinned beak is bone color at hatching. In a short time it changes to a carmel color with a light shade of black. It stays like that for approximately two months. The black fades leaving the carmel color. 




Pekabo .. "it doesn't get better then this." Owned by Kathleen & Jerry Batey

2008 Orange-chinned parakeet

In memory of Smiles Germeau

In memory of Susie Kidder - 2010
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